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COSMETIC SALINE TATTOO REMOVAL -tattoo removals, best tattoo removal 


​The saline method is most recommended for removal of cosmetic tattoos with less damaging to the skin than laser tattoo removal procedures.This proven method is faster, less expensive and with less discomfort than other tattoo removal methods.


Generally it requires 50-75% fewer treatments and it removes all color of ink from any area of body, unlike laser which relies on wavelengths to target only specific colors.

It is important to understand that Tattoo Removal it is a process not a procedure.

Patience is the word of the day with Tattoo Removal. Sometimes all the pigment can be removed sometimes we can only lighten it.Carbon ink may be more difficult to remove.


Cosmetic Saline Removal is an alternative special solution made primarily of sea salt, it pushes the pigment out of the dermis,up to the epidermis than a scab is formed which exfoliates with the pigment.



The process is similar to the regular tattoo process ,using similar equipment and procedures.However instead of pushing the ink into the skin, it uses saline removal system to push the ink out of the dermis into the skin surface causing scabs.

How much comes out in any given appointment is unknown, it all depends on what the body gives up during that session. Normally should take around 5 session to completely finish the removal procedure but sometimes the pigment is very deep implanted in dermis and very stubborn and will need more sessions. 

Is a wait of minimum 30 days between treatments, sometimes more it depends how the client heals.

​Topical anesthetic is being used to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

​It is very important to keep the area were we worked on absolutely dry  until the scab falls off.

Don't plan to do this before a sun vacation or special vacation for at least 10 days.

Don't have a tattoo removal before a cosmetic procedure such as laser or peels that will interfere with the healing. 

​You cannot be pregnant or nursing.


The price for removal is per square inch or area (for permanent makeup).For permanent makeup the price are: 



Eyebrows Removal:

$199/eyebrows per session (for one eyebrow or half eyebrows is $150)

Eyeliner Removal:

$100/eye per session 

$150 for both eyes   


Lip Liner Removal:

$145/upper lip Or lower lip  for both upper and lower lipliner price is $199

We don't remove tattoos larger than 2 inches 


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