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                                Train with us and be the best in 

  Price  $2500


We offer the most Comprehensive & Intensive  Training
The difference in our training is that we teach 3
 techniques at the same time including microblading (hair stroke eyebrows) Shading (powdered technique) and manual colour correction of old eyebrow tattoo.
Maybe 50% of the clients can actually have good results with microblading because of their skin type.
By understanding and using a shading tool properly you will be able to offer all your clients the best results.

Why is it necessary to learn more techniques? 
For clients with more natural brow, you can do microblading on them. It will look fuller and more enhanced, however for clients has no brow hair or less brow hair, correction, old tattoo or dark complexion, microblading is not enough.

Microblading only gives you 30-50% fuller look. But when you combine microblading with shading, it will give you 80-100% fuller and it will cover all the gap in the brow.

We work with small groups 2-3 people maximum. This is a great opportunity for the student to have more personal time with the instructor which have 10 years of experience in semi-permanent make up (check the work and years of experience of your “master”. Microblading is not just implant pigments under the skin!).

Therefore the spaces get filled real quick. Please reach out to us as soon as you are interested in order to reserve your spot.

Blade&Shade Training Course Includes

– Home pre-study;

– 1 of theory and practice in class;

– 1 day of practice on latex skin and live models.
-1 day of practice on live models.
Our permanent makeup training course, includes home pre-study.

These courses are designed for beginners, people that have no knowledge or experience in permanent make up. The courses will contain all the knowledge that you’ll need to know about how to perform microblading brows. The courses do not include lips or eyes.

What the Course covers:
-Hygiene & Sanitation
-Skin Analysis & Skin Types
– Colour and Pigment Theory
-Dealing with OLD PMU  
+ Blue Old PMU
+ Pink, Red Old PMU
– Symmetry Measurement Methods and Important Rules
- Eyebrows Shaping & Hair Growth
– Proper Handling of Hand Tools
-Pigment Depth Implantation & Skin Stretching
–Client Consultation
–Working on Artificial Skin
–Observe Procedure (demonstration)
–Hands-on work using models
– After care (Forms and instructions)
- Marketing your Business

The Blade&Shade Training Course costs $2500 and includes a microblading kit with tools and pigments in value of $500. You will receive a Certificate plus support after the training.

Starter Kit Included:

- Manual
– 5 High Quality Pigments
– 2
 Tattoo Pens
- 20 disposable needles
- Anesthetic Cream
– 2 Pencil for drawing shape, 1 razor and 1 scissor.
- 1 Surgical Marker
– 20 Disposable pigment caps
– Calipers for measuring.
– 2 Practice skins

Microblading training courses include assignment, which are:

30 pairs of eyebrows on practice skin with symmetrical shape and correct hair strokes pattern​

After this course you will be required to send clear pictures of each assignment so that we can analyse your work. Please note, if your completed work doesn’t meet the requirements, we will ask you to repeat the assignments.

Course pre-requisites

– You are required to bring one model for beginners- ( if model can't be required let us know 3 weeks in advance so we can bring one)

– All students attending our training are required to complete the Bloodborne Pathogens  Infection Control  ONLINE Course ($27).

This can be completed online:

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