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Collagen Induction Therapy/Microneedling


We are using The World Most Trusted  Microneedling Pen -Dermapen. It is a non-ablative, all-natural cosmetic procedure performed by a trained specialist. It is a safe, highly-successful way to fade scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and skin discoloration.

It's ideal for all skin types and is completely natural and non-invasive. There's no downtime or risk of side-effects. CIT stimulates new, healthy skin cell production so:

-You will return to regular activities after treatment

-There's no post treatment pain -It's safe on all skin types

-There’s no risk of scarring or other side-effects

-You can safely repeat treatments for continued younger, healthier skin   ​


What does CIT treat?

CIT is safe to use anywhere on your body where you'd like to: Reduce wrinkles Fill scars from acne, burns or skin lesions Shrink large pores Reduce the appearance of scars from surgery or burns Even out skin pigmentation Fade stretch marks Tighten sagging skin Normalize oily skin Smooth skin texture in trouble regions like arms and buttocks


How quickly can I see results?

You see results within 2-3 days after treatment. Because NEEDLES stimulates natural collagen production at the cellular level, your skin continues looking smoother and firmer up to 6 weeks after treatment. ​Expectations ​Our clients report smoother, softer feeling and looking skin after each treatment; noticing creams and lotions penetrate their skin more easily, and their fine lines and wrinkles have softened considerably. Clients with other concerns, such as acne scaring, scars from surgery or injury, do not notice the depressed area. The body’s natural collagen is masking the imperfection of the scarring process after each treatment, while it regenerates the natural collagen. We have clients that have seen immediate, long-lasting results, and other clients noticed an improvement gradually over an 8 week period. One of our acne clients said he noticed results 3 months post procedure and his skin kept looking better and better. Each person’s results will vary as their body’s NATURAL collagen ​

Contraindications for CIT Skin Needling

-Anyone who is darker skinned and hyper-pigmented will need to use a lightening skin treatment for 2 weeks prior to their treatment appointments

-If you have the propensity to keloid you would not be a candidate for Skin Needling

-We never work on raised moles or warts, or any raised lesions


People who are not acceptable candidates for this procedure are:

-Anyone that is under medical care that may be on a high blood pressure medication, heart medication, is diabetic, not in general good health, is a poor healer, has an active herpetic breakout, or has just had an invasive laser treatment

-Anyone that has any type of facial skin disease or disorder that would be a contraindication

​-Anyone who is taking homeopathic substances, vitamins or herbs that thin the blood -Anyone with scars that are less than 6 months old

-Anyone that has had facial fillers, or Botox, in the past 4 months in their lips or face

-Anyone who has had facial surgery in the past 6 months

-Anyone who has had ‘PERMANENT’ fillers, such as Dermagen or Shark Cartilage injected in the past 6 months would not be a candidate for Skin Needling

-Anyone that has been using corto-steroids on the treatment area, as this thins the skin’s tissue ​For clients that bruise easily, it is advised to consider taking Arnica Montana, Bromaline, or any other anti-inflammatory and anti-bruising product 1-2 days prior to each Skin Needling session and 2-3 days post procedure.


Post Treatment Management

Mineral makeup can be used after the skin has healed. If you use makeup on broken skin, the risk of bacteria entering the procedure area, as well as the makeup filtering its way into the open tissue, can be detrimental by causing darker pigmentation. After the skin has healed, the use of AHA’s will help to keep the top layer of skin softened and sloughed off, resulting in younger looking skin.


For the first few days our clients apply a very light coat of Petroleum directly on the treatment area. This will not only keep the area from scabbing,but will keep the skin soft and supple. Using topical Vitamin C, A or E and Collagen producing products,AFTER HEALING, are also fantastic for the skin.


Post Procedure Appearance includes:

Day 1 and 2 –The tissue may be slightly to moderately swollen, tender, red and bruised, with a slight lymph discharge from the treated areas. Minor itching may occur and the ‘needled’ tissue may exhibit the appearance of ‘cat scratches’.

Day 3 - The treated areas slightly crust and remain faintly pink to red.

Day 4 -The redness and crusting have diminished.

Day 5 -There is barely any evidence of a procedure.


Follow up Treatments Procedure applications are usually repeated at a 6 week intervals, depending on the condition of the tissue and desired results. One treatment will make a difference but for a final result are needed 4 treatments with an interval of 6 weeks.

Skin plumping products, vitamins or collagen based products can be used after the skin is healed.

The use of a ‘Total Waterproof Sun Block’ is strongly suggested on a daily basis




Facial microneedling (face only) Single session -$250


Neck and Chest Microneedling Single session -$300


Face and Neck ​Single session -$350


Chest Single session -$180


Upper Arm Single session-$200


Elbos or Knees or Back of the Hand Single session-$140


Thinning Hair Single session -$200+



-'11' (wrinkles between eyebrows)

-Nasal Folds

-Eye Wrinkles



Stretch Marks and Scars Microneedling​Technician fees range from $200.00 to $340.00 per 30 minute sessions.

4 treatments personalized package includes  a home kit product for cellulite and stretch marks reduction. ​

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